A Freelance Graphic Designer with Big Thinking Even When He was Little

Big thinking has always been a part of my design approach. It won me a poster contest as a schoolboy, and wins me clients as a grown-up.

I got an early start in Graphic Design. I began doing art at age one (peanut butter and jelly wall murals). In first grade, while my classmates were thinking about creative ways to annoy teachers, I was thinking of creative visual solutions and put my talents to work winning the school poster contest. While legend has it that the prize was my first pair of glasses (seen in the photo), my real reward was seeing my creative thinking and artistic talent recognized. This was my impetus for deciding at age 13 to become a graphic artist and to begin working as a freelance graphic designer for an ad agency at age 19. I started my own design firm at age 22 (over 21 years ago, my business is old enough to drink now!)

Effective Graphic Design Doesn’t Come Easy

The Tyler School of Art at Temple University is where I earned my BFA, (interestingly it’s also where my classmates were still trying to think of creative ways to annoy their teachers). At Tyler we were taught
In art school I moved beyond the peanut butter and jelly wall murals of my youth.
to avoid the expected ways of communication in graphic design. That meant having my work pushed back at me by professors with the command “DO OVER!” until I understood that strong and effective graphic design does not come easy. Those lessons are now reflected in my work and in the way I interact with my clients; I’m always ready to say “yes” to requests, keep on pushing and work harder to make my clients happy and the work the best it can be.

Print Design & Web Design Derived from Big Thinking,
Not Stock Solutions.

Thankfully my medium has progressed from peanut butter and jelly and poster paints. Now one of the ways I display my creativity and resourcefulness is as an accomplished illustrator. That means my creative concepts aren’t limited to the easy solutions of stock images — I’m a stickler for making sure the visual derives from the thinking and solves your goals and challenges. You get the best ideas to communicate the message. I’ve also progressed in the mediums I design in, working with expert skill in:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Quark
  • InDesign
  • Dreamweaver
  • Flash
  • Fireworks
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Drupal CMS

Graphic Design Studio Conveniently Located in Central Massachusetts

Guy With Glasses design studio

It all comes together at the Guy With Glasses graphic design studio in a renovated farmhouse in Ware, MA. Sometimes you might find me on a break out in back of the studio splitting wood or feeding my chickens — I find it a perfect way to focus my mind on a great solution. Since 1990 Guy With Glasses has the privilege of working with a wide variety of clients. Many of them have been with me for years and I intend to continue doing the effective thinking and problem solving based design to keep them with me for years to come.

Think. Solve. Design. I’m Your Go To Guy.

See the rest of my website, browse my portfolio, and take a look at the clients who've trusted Guy With Glasses. Want to learn more or schedule a portfolio interview? Contact Guy With Glasses.

Marketing Focused Design

Great design is only as good as the work done before the visualization of ideas comes to life. Guy With Glasses drills down on things other designers don’t even want to know about: your business, your market segment or industry, your competition, market conditions, sales reports and other data. It means asking you questions, studying, thinking and presenting you with solutions. Graphic design is a communications tool; focusing on marketing is what makes it sharper.

Working with ‘Guy With Glasses’ has raised the quality of our MarCom materials to the highest level we’ve ever achieved. Not only is John a fantastic graphic artist proficient in the latest tools, he invests the time to learn the product and understand our communication goals. With a mind for marketing and an emphasis on program objectives, he asks thought provoking questions to help streamline a deliberate message and avoid costly mistakes. We are extremely impressed with the work John has done for us, especially the harmonization of our print, web and trade advertising materials. His focused, easy to work with approach and creative emphasis on the message has helped us set the new standard in our industry.

Kevin B. Drummond
Director of Sales & Marketing
Quabbin Wire & Cable Co., Inc.
Ware, Massachusetts

271 Palmer Road, Ware, MA 01082
(413) 277-9900   

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