Print & Web Design Portfolio Based on Big Ideas

“Think. Solve. Design.” is the consistent thread in the Guy With Glasses portfolio. I research, ask questions, and study competition and markets. The result is smart design that is much more than other designers' “pretty picture” approach. It’s “Big Idea” creativity coupled with marketing solutions. Clients have learned to trust my 20+ years of experience and technical expertise in both print and web design. It’s saved their budgets (and jobs) by anticipating problems before they begin. That’s why I’m their “go-to guy” for graphic design; this portfolio is the proof.

Decas Cranberry Website Development

Decas web site design and build in Drupal

The cranberry seems simple — but it's full of complex health benefits that science is still discovering. A cranberry producer's corporate website is also complex ... a place where an experienced web developer is needed.

Basketball Was Born Here — Promotional Booklet with Diecut Cover

Basketball Was Born Here promotional book

Good design helps the telling of stories through images, graphics, callouts, and the organization of information. This publication contains much information within a limited amount of pages. It required an experienced print graphic designer to fit it all together.

Graduate Viewbook – Springfield College

Springfield College Graduate Viewbook Design

The marketing point of difference for this graduate viewbook is track record — Springfield College has been making a difference in the human helping professions since 1885.

Fidelity Investments Employee Newspaper Design

Fidelity Exchange newspaper design

The Fidelity Exchange is Fidelity Investment's in-house employee newspaper. It has a monthly circulation of 28,000. The publication's redesign was an important project that Fidelity wasn't going to leave to chance. To create the design they had a competition between three parties.

Reebok Human Rights Production Standards Guide

Human rights guide book design

Considering end use is an important part of good design. This human rights production standards field guide is used by traveling inspectors of overseas manufacturing facilities. This end use has special needs:

Somat Company Website Design

Web design for Somat corporate website

A corporate website for a waste reduction equipment manufacturer is no place to trust an inexperienced designer. How do you visualize "waste reduction" in a way that sells a product's benefits?

Funny Face Retail Packaging Design

Retail consumer packaging design

This package design for flavored dried cranberries includes Funny Face licensed characters. The characters appeal to young people (my daughter loves them) and there are prominent callouts that appeal to adult concerns:

Gregor & Co. Website Design

Gregor website design and Drupal development

What does a well-worn pair of boots have to do with freelance copywriting? For a "well traveled" copywriter who's "ready to guide you," the boots make an attention-getting visual that reinforces the message that Chris Gregor is an experienced writer.

Equipment Marketing Company Logo Design

CG Strategies logo design

This identity design is for a startup partnership that specializes in foodservice equipment marketing. The design uses the letters "C" and "G" abstracted as an arrow hitting a target.

Also see the CG Strategies web site design.

Quabbin Harsh Environment Brochure Design

Marketing position of brochure design

What's a compelling way to say your cables survive harsh environments? How about cable that "Goes Where Other Cables Fear to Go"? Utilizing distressed type, a concrete background, and photos of the end uses; this design graphically places the product in a harsh environment. 

Illustration vs. Stock Answers

Guy With Glasses is never constrained by what’s available on stock photo sites. That’s because I’m resourceful. I know how to get creative and solve your marketing problems by bringing concepts to life with my imagination. It’s about “making something yourself,” rather than looking for something off the shelf. I create custom images — bringing a uniqueness and freshness to your design that stock photography just can’t match.

I like to think of John as a thinking person's graphic designer. Whether it's an annual report, or a simple brochure, or even a coffee-table book, he brings an intelligence and perceptiveness that emerges in his design. It's like, I'm the word person, and he's the design person, and we come from different places, but we are both absolutely in synch, on the exact same page. He's not precious about his design, any more than I'm precious about my words. What you get with him is always — I mean always — professional, beautiful, understated but distinctive, right on message. He can be mildly annoying about pursuing every last detail of a project, but in the end, he's well worth it. I recommend him highly.

Ronald Ziemba
former Director of Marketing & Communications, now working in the Office of the President
Springfield College
Springfield, Massachusetts

A Graphic Designer Who Dives Into Your Business

Thinking and solving begins with getting involved in your business by researching and asking questions. Getting to know your customers and your market is the basis of effective communication. That’s what you’ll see in all the work in my portfolio – it’s more than just some attractive visuals grabbed from a stock photo site. The work is well thought out, there is a Big Idea and a solution to a marketing challenge.

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