Packaging / Point of Sale Design: Catch Eyes. Hit Hot Buttons.

Catching the eye of the customer in extremely busy marketplaces is the key to effective packaging and point of sale materials. Many times packaging must appeal to customers at two levels — first, attracting the retail buyer bombarded with products competing for shelf space; second, selling to the end-user/consumer overwhelmed with an avalanche of goods in-store. Great packaging design must hit the hot buttons of these two audiences. Through the astute use of color (for food packaging in particular), exciting visuals and a keen understanding of the sales environment, Guy With Glasses packaging has found its way into thousands of shopping carts.

Funny Face Retail Packaging Design

Retail consumer packaging design

This package design for flavored dried cranberries includes Funny Face licensed characters. The characters appeal to young people (my daughter loves them) and there are prominent callouts that appeal to adult concerns:

Goodwives Hors D'oeuvres Retail Packaging

Goodwives Hors D'oeuvres package design

It's a great thing to use graphic design experience to solve a huge problem for a client. Goodwives Hors D'oeuvres has 26+ product offerings. Many are produced to order on short deadline. They produce large volumes of some products and small volumes of others.

Reebok Duracourt Plus Tennis Shoe Tag

Reebok Duracourt tennis shoe tag

A good designer always looks for ways to improve the usefulness of a project. This shoe tag design not only highlights the Duracourt Plus outsole compound but also illustrates the category of footwear. 

Bon Cuisine Appetizer Packaging

Bon Cuisine packaging design

Appetite stimulation is a great way to sell food. Delicious-looking product images are an important design feature of this packaging line for frozen seafood products. Other design components convey the premium nature of the product.

Paradise Meadow Sweetened Dried Cranberries Packaging Design

Retail cranberries food package design

The design problem for this package was to visualize organic sweetened dried cranberries in an attractive way. The solution includes natural colors and texture, and an illustration that suggests the cranberry bog. The USDA Organic seal is prominently displayed.

Cool Dog Foil Wrappers Design

Cool Dog ice cream package design

Cool Dog, Inc. needed a cool design for their cool product. Cool Dogs are an ice cream hot dog — the "roll" is sponge cake. The design goals include grabbing the eye in a crowded freezer case and presenting the product in a fun way.

Paradise Meadow Juice Packaging Label Designs

Paradise Meadow juice label designs

When you don't have time for photography and need to visualize "Cranberry Cactus", where do you find a stock photo or illustration? You won't be able to — that's why it pays to work with a freelance designer who can illustrate. 

Joseph's Pasta Retail Bag Design

frozen food packaging design

Joseph's Pasta is an innovator in production of the highest quality filled pasta products. Most products of this type contain unrecognizable mush. Joseph's developed special equipment to allow "chunky" filling to be used.

Crescent Canyon All Natural Package Design

Crescent Canyon Cuisine Packaging

These entrée products have no additives and so does the design. The design says what's necessary without being obtrusive and lets the appetizing product photography take center stage.

Decas Point of Sale Display Design

Cranberry point of sale display design

This point of sale display makes for easy logistics. The display base and shipping boxes have a universal "cranberry" design, and headers are designed for individual products. Shown here are two completely different headers that both look at home on the universal base.

Nantucket Supreme Seafood Appetizer Packaging

Nantucket Supreme seafood appetizer package design

Bold design and appetizing product photography combine to make this packaging line pop out of the freezer case. A color code system distinguishes the varieties. The design has been extremely successful with store buyers and consumers.

Stuffed Foods Packaging Design

Stuffed Foods needed a packaging designer who could help them sell products. With over 20 years of experience, Guy With Glasses knows how to create food packaging that stands out on crowded shelves. I also know the production tricks to help your product photography stand up to a badly-lit freezer case.

A Guy You Can Trust.

Guy With GlassesYou don’t want to hand mission-critical assignments to just anyone, no matter what their size or scope. When failure is not an option, Guy With Glasses has the creativity, detail-orientation, technical skill, and big job experience to make you and your organization look good. Trust in me. I have a list of clients who already do.

A Graphic Designer Who Dives Into Your Business

Thinking and solving begins with getting involved in your business by researching and asking questions. Getting to know your customers and your market is the basis of effective communication. That’s what you’ll see in all the work in my portfolio – it’s more than just some attractive visuals grabbed from a stock photo site. The work is well thought out, there is a Big Idea and a solution to a marketing challenge.

Big Or Small, My Graphic Design Clients Get A Total Commitment

I’ve got some big names in my portfolio like Reebok and Fidelity. And there are also some names you may not be familiar with, but all the clients whose work is featured here trusted in me and had their trust rewarded. I have successfully handled scores of complex design projects with intricate processes and/or technical executions. I’ve used my experience in print design and web design to save clients’ budgets by anticipating problems before they happened. But whether the projects are big or small I bring the same dedication and commitment to your design project.

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