Print Ads / Direct Mail Design: Focusing On Marketing Messages

Strong print ads and direct mail rely on the “Think. Solve. Design” strategy. It’s my formula for creating Big Ideas and marketing messages that grab your target’s attention in very challenging environments. Another way I build more effective print ad and direct mail concepts is collaborating with writers to blend the best of visual and verbal communication. An innovative way to extend the “long-tail” of messaging and to add synergy to ads and direct mail is with landing pages and QR codes. Ask me about utilizing these vehicles in print ads and direct mail to keep customers engaged and to fulfill their need for more information.

Somat Waste Reduction Print Ads

Print advertising for Somat

These print ad designs present Somat products as "heros" for the environment and your pocketbook. Great ads have a strong visual that draws the eye, and a headline/image combo that communicates the message and entices the viewer to read through the copy.

Quabbin Wire & Cable Print Advertising

A simple ad that has a great headline and visual has more impact than an ad that tries to say too many things. This ad series has a unique look in addition to the words and visuals. The inset product images make clear what's being sold and the bullet points give the major product benefits.

Westfield State University Continuing Education Print Advertising

Continuing education print advertising

These ads are part of the continuing education materials I designed for Westfield State University. They use the "thinking person" concept developed for continuing education.

Western New England University AASCB Direct Mail Postcard

Direct mail postcard

This direct mail postcard for Western New England touts the AACSB accreditation of their school of business.

Westfield State University Continuing Education Direct Mail

Continuing education direct marketing

These direct mail pieces are part of the continuing education materials I designed for Westfield State University. The cover visuals for each piece feature representative "persons thinking" questions that someone going back to school might think.

Marketing Focused Design

Great design is only as good as the work done before the visualization of ideas comes to life. Guy With Glasses drills down on things other designers don’t even want to know about: your business, your market segment or industry, your competition, market conditions, sales reports and other data. It means asking you questions, studying, thinking and presenting you with solutions. Graphic design is a communications tool; focusing on marketing is what makes it sharper.

John is always willing to do the hard work necessary to understand his clients’ businesses, their competition, and their challenges. He is a strategic thinker driven to look deeper and seek out that unique hook and big idea that solves the communications problem. Because of that commitment and design talent, he is always a great person for me to collaborate with; I know our work will always be spot on and the client will be well-served.

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