Basketball Was Born Here — Promotional Booklet with Diecut Cover

"How a restless class, a challenging supervisor, and an inventive instructor at a small school in Springfield, Mass., changed the world." That's the beginning of basketball's story. Good design helps the telling of stories through images, graphics, callouts, and the organization of information. This publication contains much information within a limited amount of pages. It required an experienced print graphic designer to fit it all together.

A design feature is a basketball development timeline running across the tops of the pages.

There's an interesting story behind the photo of young James Naismith on page 4. It's an old photo that had been forgotten about. I found it during my photo research in the archives of the Basketball Hall of Fame. Naismith had enclosed the photo with his application to teach at Springfield College. It's interesting to think of him adding a line like this to his application: "... and I'll invent a major sport that will be played all over the globe."

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